Our looser fitting and flattering yoga tops are our more popular styles and for Spring I decided to design a new top to compliment our existing organic activewear offering.

The Freedom Tee is perfect worn with our bamboo yoga leggings.

The top has a gentle V neck which shows off your neck bones. It’s a longer style so that it covers up your bottom and hips, or if you want to blouson it up you can. A front and back seam detail breaks up your body so that it’s extremely flattering. The sleeves cover up the tops of arms and any of those ghastly bingo wings that we all have but can’t get rid of.

I love wearing this style with our Long Harem Pants for traveling:

Perfect bamboo yoga clothes that keep you warm and cool at the same time. Also great for maternity because they stretch and then bounce back into shape.

Freedom Tee:

One thought on “Freedom Tee

A looser fit yoga top with Alice Asquith [film]

  • Dawn Sally Holder June 5, 2017 at 7:00 am

    Have in both colours and use for exercise and leisure wear.
    Love your products. The designs are just right and neutral shades
    make an excellent capsule wardrobe. Originally bought in your pop up
    shop in Chelsea and then decided to get further pieces.
    Will buy more as easy dressing with lumps and bumps softened!



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