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What was the inspiration behind starting your blog, and has your direction changed since you began blogging?

The inspiration for starting my blog came after suffering from IBS for several years. In an attempt to find out what was triggering my symptoms I took a blood test which told me I had a yeast intolerance. I started the blog to make a record of my discoveries and the recipes I was making.

Since then I’ve been on a journey discovering so much about nutrition and the gut, trying new ingredients, meeting incredible people and learning the difference between nutrition facts and pseudo-science.

Has my direction changed? Absolutely! The more I dug the more I realized some of the things I was following weren’t right.

The world of nutrition can be very shouty, with everyone clamouring to tell you what you should and shouldn’t eat. Through writing the blog I had to admit that the blood test I took wasn’t reliable and the ‘yeast free diet’ I was following was lacking in evidence. I have always aimed to be honest in my writing and I’ve charted my whole voyage of discovery for my readers so they can learn with me.


When did you first get into food and nutrition, and why?

I’ve always been into food – my mum tells me I’ve loved it ever since I was a baby! My dad was the one that got me and my sister into cooking – teaching us how to make things like cottage pies, lasagna and gravy from scratch. We’d make a roast on Sundays and critique it afterwards, always looking to improve.

My interest in nutrition has come purely from the blog and the network of people it’s introduced me to. I’ve toyed with the idea of doing a qualification in nutrition but think really my love is more for cooking and making delicious recipes. I’ll leave the nutrition to the experts – it’s a complicated field as I have come to discover.


What food could you not live without?

I’m a real savoury girl and if I’ve got the choice when I eat out it will usually be sushi. I’m sure most health food bloggers would say avocado which I do love too!


What are your top tips for getting into and maintaining healthier eating habits?

Ditch the idea of ‘cheat meals’ or ‘guilty pleasures’ – they’re not phrases which make you feel good about eating which you really should. Food is meant to be enjoyed.

Every day and every meal is a fresh chance to eat well and fuel your body with the best food you can. Start right now, you don’t have to wait for Monday.


Which bloggers are you rooting for in the other Asquith Adores Blogger Awards categories?

 The caliber of the bloggers in these awards is incredible, I’m really honoured to be nominated amongst them. I particularly love Jemma from Celery and Cupcakes in the Health and Wellbeing category, her Instagram account has been an inspiration of mine for a long time.


Tell us one thing that our blog readers may not know about you…

So many health food bloggers love peanut butter but I actually really don’t like it. Shush….don’t tell anyone!


We regularly feature inspiring women on our blog in our ‘Wow Women’ series, who is your most inspiring ‘Wow Woman’ and why?

I take my inspiration from lots of people rather than having one idol. A few that come to mind are Fab Giovanetti for creating the thriving Health Bloggers Community, Nikki from Rebel Recipes for her incredible food photography, Sarah Akwisombe for being an awesome girl boss and building her blog and brand so successfully and my sister who has just started her own cake-making business as a side-hustle to her full-time job. People I can really relate to are the ones I get most inspiration from.


What was the last book you read?

The first part of Maya Angelou’s auto-biography I Know Why The Caged Bird Sings. I’m currently reading Anthony Warner’s Angry Chef which is a brilliant; highly recommended for those that want nutrition myths busted.


What is your favourite uplifting quote of all time?

 It’s super geeky but the one I always come back to is “No problem can withstand the assault of sustained thinking” – Voltaire.

Sometimes we can procrastinate and put off dealing with problems, worrying about the worst-case situation. But applying some thought to a situation or problem usually gives you a solution, you just have to face it head on!


And finally, is there anything you would like to say to our readers?

Keep reading the blog! The future is looking exciting for me and The Flourishing Pantry. I’ve got plans to launch my own events and partner with some brilliant brands to share more recipes and know-how in the next few months and I hope that’s just the beginning.


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