With Summer retreats on our minds we thought we would share with you some of our favourite tips for staying well whist you travel!


– Stay hydrated! The easiest and most effective tip we can give you is to drink more water. Not only will your skin thank you but as we fly our body looses most of its hydration so it’s essential to keep topping up with small sips of water, little and often!

– Stay fresh. One of the nicest ways to feel better when you are traveling is to stay fresh. Often we are surround by lots of people with lots of different energies so we find that packing a “space clearing” aromatherapy spray such as this one from Bush Flower Remedies can really help to clear, calm and freshen the space you are traveling in. Spritz in the air, around your body, on your face or even in your hands and breathe in.

– Pack some minis. If you are going on a long haul flight stick to your routine. When it’s time for bed change into some pyjamas, wash your face and brush your teeth. Not only will this set you up for some sleep but you will look and feel better when you wake up. Try this mini kit from Liz Earle on your next flight.

– Pack a Lunch. Some rye bread sandwiches, healthy snack bars and dried fruit to keep you nourished and to avoid eating unhealthy aeroplane food. Head to our favourite organic supermarket, Planet Organic and stock up

– Wear the correct clothing. With temperatures changing from hot to cold so often on a flight you need to wear something that is going to allow you to stay at the correct temperature and that also allows your skin to breathe. Our bamboo yoga clothing is perfect for travelling, not only does the bamboo regulate your body temperature but it allows the skin to breathe, mounds to the body and is supremely comfortable. Check out our favourite bamboo items including our yoga pants and bamboo yoga harem pants.

– Get moving. Don’t stay seated for the whole fight. Get up and get moving. Walk down the isle, stretch your limbs or if you are feeling brave why not practice some yoga…

Check out our favourite books to take with you on your travels here…


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