We all know how important it is to check your breasts regularly for changes, irregularities and for signs that something is not quite right so we thought what better time than Breast Cancer Awareness Month to share our guide to checking your breasts.

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Step One: LOOK!

Get familiar with your breasts, what they look like how they feel and note any changes in skin texture. Is there any dimpling or puckering? Swelling around the armpits, collarbones or any unusual discharge from the nipples.


Step Two: FEEL!

1: Start on the outside of the breast slowly making your way around using the flat of your hand to feel for lumps and any uneven textures.



2: Check under the armpit and underneath the arm as this is where many of the lymph nodes sit.



3: Check the collarbone and the upper chest for swelling – an area which is often under looked.



4. Work your way around each breast from top to bottom, left to right.


Most importantly, know what is normal for you. Look and feel regularly, make it part of your daily routine, in the shower, after the gym or wherever you will remember to do it and don’t be afraid. If in doubt check it out, the earlier symptoms get caught the better.

To find our more information on checking your breasts and what to do if you find something unusual check out coppafeel! for advice, tips and support. 


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