Meet your winner in the health and wellbeing category of the Asquith Adores Blogger Awards, the lovely Ailish Lucas from The Glow Getter.


A trained makeup artist, beauty therapist and having worked in all areas of the industry, Ailish is our go to girl for the best in all natural, green, heath and beauty. She created The Glow Getter as a hub for women to become informed on the latest and best in modern beauty whilst educating them in what to avoid and why. Ailish is also training to be a wellness coach and after reading her blog you will definitely see why. Her personality is infectious and once you start scrolling through her pages we guarantee you wont be able to stop.

Here are some of the reasons we love The Glow Getter and why we think she should be a regular in your inbox.


These healthy morning habits are the best way to start your day;


Love organic beauty? Then we think you need to check out these multi-tasking makeup tricks;


You can even download a guide to all things natural with Ailish’s award winning Glow Guides. Ailish has worked super hard to research, test, re-test and then test some more the best natural and organic beauty products that will work super hard for your skin so you don’t have to. She shares insider secrets including a dermatologist approved routine and creates some skin friendly recipes you can make yourself with ingredients found in your kitchen cupboard.

Click here to download you version and get going on your natural beauty adventure.

You can also take part in Ailish’s exclusive webinars in which she interviews some of the best in the biz. With expert knowledge from Madeliene Shaw, Jody Shield and many more, don’t miss your chance to sign up to the Glow Summit here… 

Visit the Glow Getter to find out more about Ailish and her award winning blog. 

Find out more about the Asquith Adores Blogger Awards and more about our eco-friendly, natural products here…








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