Asquith Adores Blogger Awards nominee, Pilates instructor, Korin Nolan 

Pilates instructor, Korin Nolan in the Asquith Blogger Awards

Category: Yoga and Pilates

Instagram: @korin_nolan

What was the inspiration behind starting your business, and has your direction changed since you began?

The main driving force is behind my business is to encourage and inspire others. The direction has certainly changed since I started it back in 2014, when I set up my business Power Pilates UK. At first the intention was to use blogging and social media publicize my business and reach out to potential new clients, but of course the beauty of anything online is that it has the potential to gain a global reach and I began to get Pilates lovers far and wide following my account. It took a turn when I had my baby girl in 2016 and I wasn’t able to get to the studio as often to exercise and I needed a little more cardio to lose my baby weight. I developed an online fitness plan for new mums and started doing home workouts that included low impact HIIT as well as Pilates. I also created a blog on my website to assist the plan.


When did you first get into yoga /Pilates, and what was your motivation?

I first started Pilates around 19 years ago when I trained at The London Collage of Dance. To be honest, at first I used to think it was pretty dull as I wasn’t used to working out in such a slow controlled manner and I didn’t really ‘get it’. That was until the teacher changed and it began to make sense. I spent one summer practicing it at home on my own and started to see changes in my body and it was then that I was hooked! I studied to become a teacher with Body Control Pilates back in 2004 and it has been a huge part of my life even since.


What do you think are the biggest benefits of yoga / Pilates?

The mind body connection. If you’re practicing properly, you literally cannot think about anything else as you are so focused and ‘in the moment’ therefore it’s a great stress relief. I love how it makes you think about every inch of your body, the precision of movement, the flow, the wonderful feeling of aching muscles when you know it’s really working, but you’re not killing yourself in the process! Pilates just FEELS good.


What are your top tips for keeping motivated with a regular fitness routine?

Find an excellent teacher or studio that you love and throw yourself in at the deep end. Sign up to a monthly pass or buy bulk classes that make you try and fit in as many as you can in a month. The first couple of weeks may feel extra challenging, but by the end of the month, your body will have become accustomed to the regime and you will have created new good habits that you won’t want to break. Hopefully the results you see will be an encouragement to continue too!


Tell us one thing that our blog readers may not know about you…

I was born in South Korea, I speak fluent French and I have a twenty year old son. I also spend some days sat on the sofa all day in my PJs eating absolute crap!


We regularly feature inspiring women on our blog in our ‘Wow Women’ series, who is your most inspiring ‘Wow Woman’ and why?

There are a lot of women I admire in the health and fitness arena like Alice Living and Kayla Itsines. I admire their business acumen and how they have managed to grow a huge following from doing what they love and are an inspiration to so many women. That itself to me is inspiring. But I personally really love Nikki Reese, who is a stay at home Cardif mum. Nikki has built a huge following from the comfort of her own home, taking about and showing her fitness transformation. She has such a natural ability to keep it real and is a true ‘wow woman’ without even realizing it.


What was the last book you read?

I’ll be honest with a baby and a business to look after, I rarely get time to complete a magazine let alone a book! However I do have ‘The Secret’ tucked under my bed, which I occasionally dip in and out of, as I believe in the power of positive thought to assist a healthy lifestyle. Being focused enough to always apply it is another matter, but I try!


What is your favourite uplifting quote of all time?

‘Whether you think you can or can’t, you’re right’.


And finally, is there anything you would like to tell our readers?

Be sure to try out my online fitness plan ‘The Baby Body Bootcamp’. Head over to my website where you can download my free top tips.

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