Lynne was at the forefront of creating the boom in Pilates in the UK and her name and image have become synonymous with Pilates. She is firmly established as the world’s top-selling Pilates author and presenter and her books and DVDs are sold in over 30 countries. Co-founder and Director of Body Control Pilates, she is loved and respected by celebrities and professional sports teams. We are so proud that she is as an Asquith Ambassador. (have a look at our Pilates clothes here).

Here’s a sneak peek into one of her days – we were exhausted just reading it!

4.30am: Amazingly it’s the birds that wake me… surprising as I’m in a hotel in west London! I am due on The Morning Show on QVC to promote our latest book Pilates for Life.

6.00am: Got back to sleep – just in time for my early morning call!

7.30am: Arrive at QVC in Chiswick for make up. Bless Marie Coulter, she’s done my make up for most of my books and DVDs. She’s a star and takes years off me!

9.09am: Miked up and wearing my gorgeous Asquith clothing. Even though it’s hot under the lights I still feel super comfortable. The Satsuma top – looks fab on camera.

Lynne Robinson-1

Lynne Robinson-2

9.20am: All done. It’s over in ten minutes! Got to demonstrate a few exercises, though frustratingly the camera zoomed in on my upper body even though I was busy doing a leg exercise! Oh well… My daughter says my granddaughter Amy (just 6 months old) was waving at her Nanny on the telly!

10.03am: Cab back to studio in Bloomsbury. Unfortunately the cab was in a mini accident, hit the back of a bike. Thank heaven I was wearing my seat belt and everyone ok. Life on the edge…

10.30am: Back at BCP HQ in Little Russell St. London. I’ve an hour’s paperwork to catch up on. I’m the internal verifier for our teacher training courses so I have to sample and check portfolios. Serious stuff.

12.00pm: Hurray it’s time for my Pilates session with Carmela Trappa, the most amazing teacher and my co-author of Pilates for life.

Lynne Robinson-3

1.00pm: I feel a new woman, taller, stronger and so much calmer, stresses of the morning all forgotten. You know this Pilates really works.

1.55pm: Photo opportunity with our bubbly teacher training group who have nearly finished their course modules! Such enthusiasm, they’ll make wonderful teachers – what a good looking bunch too!

Lynne Robinson-4

2.00pm: Brainstorming session with the talented Sarah Clennell. We are working out how to challenge the West Bromwich Albion footballers and physios next week! Two brains are better than one!

Lynne Robinson-5

4.30pm: Heading home at last for some downtime with my family and two cats and two chickens, (if they haven’t gone to bed yet).

5.30pm: Cats and chickens pleased to see me! One egg – thank you Arabella. Seems Eloise is on strike still.

6.30pm: Trying a new chicken recipe tonight (please note not my chickens!) Chicken snitzel where the ‘breadcrumbs’ are made of ground bulghar wheat, almonds and sesame seeds, yum! Was a definite hit with the family and easy to do.

7.30pm: Watched an old episode of Elementary, bit of an addict.

8.30pm: Practice baking now with my youngest daughter Emily. Working together on recipes for a new book on Pilates and cake! Experimenting with a 4 x 4 healthy energy bar (4 seeds, 4 fruits oat bar). Ok but it needs a couple of tablespoons of coconut sugar…

10.00pm: Early to bed as tomorrow I’m doing my real job: looking after my granddaughter! Sweet dreams…

Lynne Robinson-6