Being sustainable is so important to how we produce our clothing. We use organic cotton and bamboo in our collections both of which are better for the environment and we make our clothes to last so we don’t fall into producing “fast fashion” which is one of the most damaging industries on the planet.

We also try to be as sustainable as we can at home and we really believe it’s the little things that count. Making small changes can make a huge difference so we wanted to share our top tips for creating a more sustainable life.


1) Clean your house with nature not chemicals.   Chemical based cleaning products are some of the most damaging products you can have in your home. Full of man made chemicals they can have a lasting effect on our health. The synthetic smells can cause indoor pollution and the mix of chemicals can cause sensitivities such as rashes and other health problems. We suggest swapping your chemical products for those made from natural ingredients. Kinn Living is one of our favourites for their plant based, non toxic and most importantly effective products.


2) Avoid single use plastics. Although Plastic Free July was a huge hit it’s important to carry on living with this awareness. Simple things like purchasing re-fillable products, using re-usable packaging and avoiding products like bottled water, over packaged fruits and vegetables, cling film and tin foil. One of our favourite new products is designed so you never have to use cling film again. Bees Wrap is a natural alternative to food storage that’s not only better for the environment but also for your food!


3) Shop local. Going into a supermarket you can get foods from all over the world but it’s important to be aware of the cost of those products getting to you. Foods shipped from tropical climates use excessive amounts of energy to get to your local supermarket. From the travel to the shipping, packaging and refrigeration process. Avoid this by shopping local and eating a seasonal diet. Not only is this better for the planet but eating seasonally helps the local economy and it’s shown to have increasing benefits on our health and immune system.


4) Avoid Fast Fashion. Did you know that the fashion industry is the second most polluting industry in the world and it’s responsible for 25% of the worlds chemical use. The industry is so quick to produce new fashions that are short lived and produced for cheap prices that it’s an unsustainable process that will eventually be forced to change. Avoid fast fashion by shopping from companies that use sustainable fabrics such as bamboo, shop second hand in vintage stores and buy clothes that are made to last.


5) Be a conscious consumer. From the clothes you buy to the paper you use and the foods you eat remember how things are made and the cost of them getting to you. Being sustainable is about being aware and if you can bring this into your life in anyway then you will be making a huge difference.

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