A yoga week in the desert and ocean

By Sara Campbell, Kundalini teacher and the deepest female freediver in the worldWe practice yoga and meditation to find space in our bodies and our minds. We practice to experience the freedom of our Soul. However, most of the time we practice within the confined structure of a building, and the even more confined space of our tightly organised and regimented (yes, and stressful) lives.

Practice within Nature, and for me Sinai in particular, has the power to take us so much deeper into our natural state of being. We remember so much more easily, that we, human beings, are part of earth, that we are one with the magical and magestic surroundings. The pristine silence of the desert mountains, and the warmth and clarity of the ocean here in Dahab, immediately bring us home to this state of Grace and Oneness.Connecting to the expansive nature of Self is a short leap when meditating in a canyon, which feels untouched by humanity. Immersing the mind, body and spirit in prayer in one of the most sacred and spiritually powerful places on earth is both humbling and expansive.

Tears of gratitude flow as we are able to connect with our Divine Self, and recognise the purity within our hearts. Surrender comes easily as we let go of our need to fight, opening our hearts to the raw beauty of simply being.Gratitude is the feeling that comes again and again from the simple blessing of being here. I am so fortunate to live beneath these endless blue skies, to breathe the crisp clear air of the desert or ocean breeze, to connect with the Bedouin, a folk so deeply entwined in the land that their roots go far deeper into the sacred, sandy soil than those of the acacia tree.

Join me, Sara Campbell, on a week-long journey as we retreat from the confines of modern living and allow ourselves to practice, dance, sing, mediate and open our hearts in the freedom and beauty of Nature. Practice twice-daily to the sound of the waves, or the roar of absolute silence. Recharge yourself with purest prana, and explore your potential both above and below the waves. On this journey, ‘The Gift of Freedom’, we unleash ourselves from the confines of our mind, allowing ourselves space and time to consider our destiny, to play with the fullness of possibilities lying ahead of each of us, and to begin to unfold our potential. Each moment holds the seed of change and growth. Come and share and grow by understanding which seeds within you that you wish to nourish, and gain the clarity, peace of mind and commitment to self love to take those steps to fulfil your own destiny.

About ‘The Gift of Freedom’ Retreat

Sara, teaching Kundalini Yoga as taught by Yogi Bhajan, is joined by leading Vinyasa teacher, Joern Nortoft. Accommodation is in a family-run yoga-hotel-art-café, with yoga and meditation practice in the beachfront shala, deep within the desert or on the shore of the Red Sea. The week includes seven nights B&B accommodation, welcome dinner, two-day desert safari, and Sara’s unique ‘Ocean Meditation’. Excellent bodywork therapists are on hand for massage and relaxation and healing, and optional desert walks and plenty of time to relax and recharge in the sun make this a perfect break.

South Sinai, and Dahab, are and have remained, safe havens within Egypt throughout the trouble in Cairo. Now is the perfect time to take advantage of all this peaceful little town has to offer, with two of the world’s most inspiring yoga teachers as your guides. Flights to Sharm el Sheikh, arriving on or before 29th March- 5th April.

Listed as one of UK’s Guardian newspaper’s Top 10 Retreats for 2014, and in Healthista’s top 5 Spring Retreats, you can join this wonderful yogic and meditative journey into the ocean, the desert – and back to yourself – all this for just £650 / €790. More information here:
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